Zumurrud Card :

An ATM card linked directly to the client Syrian Pounds accounts accessible 24/7.
The card could be linked to multiple accounts (salaries, saving and current), and it allows you to do the following operations:
1- Cash withdrawal from any SIIB's ATM carries no commission.
2- Inquiring about the available balance of accounts linked to the card.
3- A brief statement of account (the last 10 transactions).
4- Transfer between your SIIB accounts linked to Zumurrud card.
5- Cash withdrawal from other banks ATMs that are linked to the CSC network in Syria.
6- Clients can choose from the following daily cash withdrawal limits:
- SYP 100,000
- SYP 150,000
- SYP 200,000
For more information please check out our online user's guide for this service.