Internet Banking

Syria International Islamic Bank offers a special internet banking service (SIIB Online) which allows you to transfer funds between accounts, and view the movements of your accounts and balances at any time, saving you lots of time and effort.
You only need your account number, a PIN code which is provided by the Bank, and a connection to the internet.
Registering for internet banking:
You can request the service (SIIB Online) of Syria International Islamic Bank upon opening an account at any of the Bank's branches and receive your account number and password on the next business day.
How to use (SIIB Online)
To benefit from SIIB Online, please follow the steps below:
1- Log on to the Bank's website
2- Choose the account type (companies or individuals)
3- Enter your account number
4- Enter your password.
For more information please check out our online user's guide for this service

SIIB Online Services
1- Obtaining a statement of account for any time period
2- Tracking the last 10 transactions conducted on your account
3- Summary of accounts to view your available balances
4- Internal transfers between your accounts
5- Transfer from your account to any other SIIB's account
6- Viewing foreign exchange rates.
SMS Banking Service:
- Salary receipt confirmation
- Cash withdrawal notification
- Cash deposit notification
- ATM withdrawal notification
- Conformation of cheque deposited in account
- Notification that the cheque book is ready for picking up
- Notification that the ATM cards is ready for picking up
- Notification that the electronic services numbers are ready for picking up