A unique and secure banking service that enables you to manage your account at any time, wherever you are. The service allows you to transfer money between accounts in the Bank, view all the transactions on your accounts, as well as many other features, all in the palm of your hand.
For more information about this service please visit our nearest branch. You can learn
how to use this service by following the steps in the explanatory video on our channel
on YouTube.


You can make use of our mobile banking application through various methods:
1- Mobile banking app for Android mobile phones:
- You can download the application from our website.

- Or through QRCode for direct download.  QRCode for direct download


Google Play Store


2- Internet link:
- This link allows you to access the mobile banking application through This link.

3- USSD Code
- Alternatively, you can use the service without internet by dialing *654# , as long as you are within the mobile coverage of local mobile network provider.

Key features included in our mobile banking service

1- Conduct money transfers easily to any account in the Bank:
- Conduct transfers between your Bank accounts held with SIIB, and to other Bank clients' accounts through entering the beneficiary's details.

2- Distinguished Accounts
- This feature allows subscribed clients to pay for purchases without the need to carry cash. Clients will be able to make cashless payment for services provided by SIIB's distinguished account holders, such as business owners and service institutions that require frequent payments from its customers.

3- Account statements and balance confirmation:
- Clients can view all their SIIB account balances, as well as track all the historical activities and movements on accounts for up to one year.

4- ATM locations and status:
- SIIB clients can view the locations of the Bank's ATMs and know the current status of ATMs, whether in or out of service.