ِAbout the Bank

 - Syria International Islamic Bank (SIIB) was established as a public joint stock company with a capital of five billion Syrian pounds.
- SIIB commenced its banking activities in the third quarter of 2007 through 2 branches.
- SIIB has increased its capital several times to reach 15 billion Syrian pounds In 2019 becoming the first Syrian Islamic bank that meets the requirements of Law No. 3 of 2010, which sets the minimum capital of Islamic banks at 15 billion Syrian pounds.
- The Bank operates through 27 branches and offices spread in various regions of Syria
- SIIB is considered as one of the largest Syrian banks in terms of the number of shareholders which exceeded 12 thousand shareholders.
- SIIB's main objectives are to provide banking services according to the rules and provisions of Islamic Sharia'a, offer non interest Sharia'a-compliant financing and investment products that meet the needs of a large variety of projects and contribute to the economic development of Syria. The Bank also aims to achieve a continued growth in profitability and return on equity.
- The Bank offers a wide range of Sharia'a-compliant banking services that include opening various types of accounts, accepting deposits in Syrian Pounds and foreign currencies as joint or specified investments and providing a large verity of financing programs for individuals and companies that covers all economic sectors. The Bank also offers international trade finance operations such as letters of credit, guarantees, transfers, international murabaha and all other trade finance activities. SIIB gives a special attention to develop its package of modern electronic services to keep it always up to date.