Current Accounts

Opening a current account with SIIB is the clients' best choice for managing their transactions and financial obligations.
The current account is an on-demand account that does not share investment profits or bears its risks. The Bank may invest the current account balances and exclusively take in any profit or loss resulting from these investments.
Features and benefits of SIIB current account:
- Free unlimited teller transactions during the Bank's working hours.
- A checkbook for the owner of this account according to Bank's policy.
- ATM card for accounts in Syrian Pounds.
- Salary transfer.
- Access to your account through a wide range of electronic services that include: e-banking, telephone banking, SMS banking, mobile application and USSD.
- Mobile phone bills automatic payments.
- Available in Syrian pounds and all major currencies.
- The minimum balance required to open a current account is SYP 2,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies