Shariaa Supervisory Board


The Shari'a Supervisory Board is composed of distinguished gentlemen





Dr. Abdul Fattah Al Bezem

Chairman of Sharia'a Supervisory Board

- Mufti of Damascus and deputy chairman of Sharia'a Supervisory Board since the establishment of the Bank. Holds a PhD in Islamic Sharia'a and has participated in many international and local conferences and seminars.
-Visited and lectured in many Islamic centers at several countries such as Britain, Venezuela, Indonesia and Spain, also co-founded the faculty of Andalusian Studies in Granada.
- Director of Al Fatih Islamic Institute.
- Author of many recognized books and publications.

Dr. Yusuf Abdul Raouf Shannar

Vice Chairman of Sharia'a Supervisory Board,Executive member of Sharia'a Supervisory Board

- Holds a PhD in comparative Fiqh.

-Member of Sharia'a Supervisory Board at the Islamic electronic cards company in Jordan.
-Former chairman of Sharia'a Supervisory Board at the Islamic financial brokerage company.
- Secretary of Sharia'a Supervisory Board, and the former director of Sharia'a Supervision and Audit Department at the Bank.
- Trainer and lecturer in the field of Shari'a Supervision and Islamic Banking at many Syrian Universities and Academic Institutes.
- Licensed Sharia'a Auditor from the internationally accredited Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) in Bahrain.
- Holds the certification of Certified Islamic Banker (CIB).
- Fellow of the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) in Bahrain.


Top Executives

CEO Bachar EL Sit
CEO Assistant – Corporate Sector Feras Naser
CEO Assistant - Financial Sector Shaza Shalan
CEO Assistant - Retail Sector Amir Rahwan

Secretary of the Board of Directors

Murad al-Din Kalash

Risk Management Executive Director Abdul Malek Jahjah
Internal Audit Executive Director Darwish Murad
Compliance Executive Director Hiba Al Sebai
Sharia Audit Executive Director Mohamed Tarek Takriti
Head of Shareholders Affairs Department Marwa Al-Kurdi
Treasury and Investment Executive Director Mohamed Hamadh
Corporate Financing Executive Director Mohammad Amyn Jazairi
Head of Human Resources Department Shaza Al-Tayar
Director of Administration Administrative Affairs Fouad Sharaf
Director of the Legal Affairs Department Maher Al-Husawy
Financial Control Executive Director  Mhd. Wasem Al Margeeh
Head of Quality Control Department Nihal Turkmani 
Head of Credit Control Department Basel Afadar
Head of Financial Institutions Department Osama Al-Yousef
Head of Information Technology Sector Alaa Rahhal
Head of Project Management Carina AlHibri
Head of Marketing Department Tarek Al-Bizreh

Board of Directors

Respected Chairman of the Board))

Tayseer Al-Zoubi Mr

(Vice Chairman of the Board)

Mr. Bassem Zaitoun

Mr. Maamoun Abdel-Hadi Al-darkazi

Mr Dr. Nabil Walid Elias

  Mr Dr. Ghaleb Abdu lmonehm bayassi

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mr. Ahmed Nahhas,