Safe Deposit Boxes

Syria international Islamic bank offers you safety and a peace of mind by keeping your valuables and important possessions safe and sound through leasing a safe deposit box.
Features and benefits of SIIB Safe deposit box:
- Safe place to store your valuables, jewelry and important documents.
- Boxes come in different sizes.
- Two keys are required to open the safe deposit box (one with the client and the other with the Bank).
- The safe deposit box can be accessed at any time during branches working hours.
- Privacy and confidentiality when accessing the box.
- Fire-proof boxes.
- Renewable annual lease contract.
Conveniently located at the following branches:
- Rawda – Damascus.
- Yafour – Damascus suburb.
- Azzizia– Aleppo.
- -Lattakia.
- Hama
- Homs