Call our automated telephone banking system 24/7 at 011-2004

An advanced e-service that allows you to manage your bank accounts at all times from everywhere without having to go to the bank, saving you time and effort. You could use the service to do the following

•Client Account Service line (1)

1-     Inquire about the account balance

2-     Inquire about a summary of your account balances

3-     Inquire about the last 10 transactions made on your account either through a phone or a fax sent to you

4-     Request a statement of accounts either through a phone or a fax sent to you

5-     Conduct internal transfer between your Bank accounts

6-     Transfer from your account to any other SIIB Bank account.

• General Information service line (2)

1-     Inquiring about the Bank's products and services (deposit, financing, international trade and other services)

2-     Inquiring about Bank's branches contact information

3-     Inquiring about the Bank's ATM locations

4-     Inquiring about currency exchange rates